Master of Fine Art 2003

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA


Bachelor of Fine Art Painting Major, Art History Minor 2000

Tyler School of Art, Temple University Philadelphia, PA




The Forgetting Factor                                                         2014

Southwestern College Gallery, Chula Vista, CA


Werther Effect                                                                   2012

Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Poverty Porn                                                                    2009

Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


The Strongmen of the Future                                                 2006

Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA



Passages                                                                          2016

R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA



Karl and Beverly Benjamin Fellows Exhibition                          2017

Peegy Phelps and East Galleries, Claremont Graduate University

Claremont, CA


Project Series 51: Incendiary Traces                                       2017

As part of Hillary Mushkin’s Incendiary Traces project

*catalog available

Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont, CA


Summer Group Show                                                         2015

Quint Gallery, La Jolla, CA


Hello my name Is_____, and I am from _____.                       2015

A Ship in the Woods, Del Mar, CA


Object, Object!!                                                                   2014

(Curated by Good Good Things)

Helmuth Projects, San Diego, CA


Object, Object!!                                                                   2013

(Curated by Good Good Things) *with catalogue

Helmuth Projects, San Diego, CA


Decomposition                                                                   2013

(Curated by Constance Mallinson) *with catalogue

Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA


Neighborhood                                                                  2010

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN


Back Yard                                                                         2010

Sam Lee gallery, Pacific Design Center,  West Hollywood, CA                          


Terra Incognita                                                               2009

Boehm Gallery, Palomar College, San Marcos, CA


Orphans and Kitties Go to the Circus                                   2009

(part of Out of Bounds: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions 10k)

Circus of Books, Los Angeles, CA


Mighty Daggers do Small Paintings Throw                           2009

Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Loveable like Orphaned Kittens and Bastard Children              2009

Green Gallery West, Milwaukee, WI


Heavy Corner                                                                    2008

Creative Artist Agency, Century City, CA


Space as a Space

Bonelli Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                       2008


Hovering over the universe…

(Curated by Kristin Calabrese)

Honor Fraser Gallery, Venice Beach, CA                            2007


Sub-Urbane                                                                       2006

Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, CA


Architectural Elements                                                        2006

Dust Gallery, Las Vegas, NV


From America                                                                    2006

Museum of Modern Fine Art, Minsk, Balarus                                                                    


The Great Outdoors                                                             2005

Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Suburbicarian                                                                    2004

Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, CA




Borrowed Landscape Boehm Gallery, Palomar College       2015


Reviews& Publications

Project Series 51: Incendiary Traces  (Exhibition Catalogue) 01/17

Pomona College Museum of Art


Decomposition (Exhibition Catalogue) 5/13

By Constance Mallinson


Povery Porn ArtSlant Picklist 5/17/09

By Michael Shaw


Collective Fantasies Take Flight Los Angeles Times 08/31/07, p. E28

By David Pagel


Pairing ovals and aerial views. Los Angeles Times 12/15/06, p. E35

By Leah Ollman


Sinister Visions of the suburbs. Los Angeles Times 12/19/03, p. E31

By David Pagel


Amid the Asphalt, Suburbs Find Green. The Press Enterprise 2/10/2003, p. F08

By Deborah L. Knaff